• PPC – Pay Per Click is a quick way to start advertising online. 95% 95%
  • Social Media Marketing – Placing ads in the right demographics. 90% 90%
  • Posting Updates – Keeping your social networks up to date with fresh content 85% 85%
  • Facebook 85% 85%
  • Youtube 95% 95%
  • LinkedIn 85% 85%
  • Twitter 85% 85%
  • Instgram 87% 87%

Social Media has become the hottest buzzword since 2009. Though many companies offer a social media service, few understand the intricacies of going viral online or have the proven background of successful social media campaigns.

Hartcore Media’s Social Media Team has the tested experience, the relationships, and the community to develop a social media campaign that is focused on ROI. The bottom line is that we’re here to help you drive more traffic, increase sales, build a strong brand, and generate a community for your company by utilizing social media marketing.

Digital Word-of-Mouth Translates to Real-Life Word-of-Mouth

Every conversation that happens online can and will translate to real life settings. Through tools like niche blogs, Twitter, Facebook and others, leading companies are able to generate a conversation with their target market that when done right leads to an increase in traffic, brand buzz and meaningful sales.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): Hartcore Media’s social media team can help you drive traffic, increase sales, build a strong brand identity and a community for your product.  Our solution includes optimized blog, Twitter, and Facebook design, and content population from world class writers who provide viral enabled content.  We also monitor your brand online and provide feedback on online “word-of-mouth” to help you make business decisions.

PPC Management: Hartcore Media provides professional pay-per-click marketing services.  Our certified professionals and their decades of experience are able to build, tune, and continually adjust your campaigns for maximum ROI.  Our account managers are available to ensure that your campaign is evaluated and implemented properly.  Campaigns are optimized for all clients on a daily basis, based on continued monitoring of accounts.  Your business is unique and therefore deserves a custom-tailored approach to Paid Search Marketing.  Hartcore Media performs an in-depth analysis of each client’s needs; a fundamental understanding of your company and the industry you operate in is central to maximizing your return on each dollar invested.

Your campaign will be created from the ground up. By leveraging state of the art tools with extensive keyword, industry, and ad copy research, we ensure that your money is invested wisely. Prior to launch, tracking tools are installed which will test each keyword and advertisement. Paid Search Marketing is a highly competitive arena where one wrong setting can result in hundreds of dollars in lost revenue. We refuses to allow your campaign to fall victim to any of these all-too-common pitfalls.

Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing and other search engine marketing programs offer limitless ways of building, tuning and adjusting your campaigns.  Full comprehension of all opportunities and the use of data driven strategies are key to optimal short term and long term performance.  Each vertical and engine also have unique characteristics that need to be thoroughly understood and utilized to maximize your advertising investment and company growth.  It is our commitment to help you realize the full potential of your online advertising resulting in a feeling of power, control and excitement over your search engine marketing ROI results

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