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The Importance of Website Design

When it comes to website design and setting up a website, you need to know the best methods to get the most from your new platform. There are many important factors to consider when designing a website, and many that are not important. However, there are many people who confuse these issues and waste a lot of time and money. If you’re using a web design company, then knowing these aspects of design is also important, so you can explain exactly what you want.

Here are the most important considerations to pay attention to:

Simple structure – the structure is vital to the success of the website, and in persuading visitors to return to it. If you want people to read your content and buy products, they must find the website simple to use, and simple to understand. It should be designed to allow for quick, intuitive understanding and use. Use a common layout so that people can quickly find what they’re looking for, and know where to go.

Easy navigation – the navigation structure is also vital for the success of the website. Ignore the impulse to make it complex with too many graphics, and instead use a navigation system that has been tried and tested. The best navigation methods use top bars and side bars. Everyone has seen this form of navigation in the past, and they can pick up on it very quickly.

Easy to read – Use black text on a white background if your website has a lot of text. This is the easiest way to read text on a computer screen. Any other color will cause people to leave your website as it is very painful on the eyes. There is certainly room to make use of other colors in the headings and other sections of the website, but the text should not prevent people from reading.

Clear call to action – this is an aspect of website design that many people ignore, or are not aware of. There should always be a purpose to a website, even it it is just to give out information. However, most websites have a selling component, so they need to make this clear to the visitors. There should be sections of the website which tell visitors how to buy products, how to sign up for offers, or where to call for more information. Include this is part of the website design from the very beginning, or the website will not generate any revenue.

Compliant with all devices – ensure that your website is set up for use with all the new devices. For example, can it be read on smart phones and tablets? If not, then you need to make changes or get your designer to re-code it. This is vital as most people read online content while using these devices.

Use the suggestions above when designing your website, and you will gain the most from it. They are simple tips but they have been proven to produce the best results.

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