Website Design

The Basics Of Effective Website Design

Website design is more that putting together a beautiful layout that attracts attention. It has to offer the viewer an effective and intuitive user interface, as effectiveness is the one that generates sales and revenue. The better the conversion rate, the more profitable a website is. This is why web developers have to know more than the basics of graphic design, in order to create compelling and highly converting websites.

Usability is the basic principle of good website design. Users should have a seamless navigating experience, regardless the browser and viewing device. This is why all good websites have to embrace the responsive web design, this technique being already the norm in this industry. This method enables a website detect the device it is viewed on, so that it can adapt to it automatically. A mobile user is going to be shown the mobile interface, thus finding it very easy to access the menus and various functions of a website. A desktop user is going to see beautiful javascript effects and high resolution images. All these may be disabled for the mobile versions, in order to avoid big loading times and large data transfers. While browsing the web on their smartphones, most people use their data plans, so they may have to pay extra for the additional data transfer. This is why a good website should make sure mobile users see a low resolution version of the photos. Besides, they shouldn’t have to wait for all fancy effects to load, as the mobile screen is too small anyway, so a simple page layout displaying the content should be enough for anyone to have a good experience.

Good websites are usually the result of teamwork. It is possible that a professional graphic artist develops the layouts of the pages, a skilled programmer does the coding, an SEO expert decides upon the on-page optimization, and an internet marketer gives advice on the best placement of the call to action and of other important design elements, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the website.

The loading speed is another parameter that needs to be optimized through smart design and coding. Since the loading speed has become one of the ranking factors in Google, fast websites can enjoy much better positions in the SERPs than slower ones. Professional web designers should know how to optimize all images and code sequences in order to make a web page as fast as possible. Besides, they have to stay up to date withe the latest news and techniques in the industry. The sooner they implement the most advanced features, the easier it’s going to be for their websites to step out from the crowd. The world belongs to trendsetters and pioneers who aren’t afraid to try new things, and eventually offer internet users an improved experience.

These are the basic elements that make an effective web design. Experts know how to put these to good use, enabling their websites rank better in search engines and be more appreciated by users.

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